10 Cyberpunk Lightroom Presets LUTs

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    original product: https://sparklestock.com/product/10-cyberpunk-lightroom-presets-luts/

    Give your photos the cyberpunk look with these Lightroom presets and LUTs! These presets are specifically made for night-time architecture photos and they’re the perfect way to give your photos the retrofuturistism vibe.

    What You’ll Get

    • 10 Fadeable Lighroom Presets
    • 10 Fast-Render LUTs
    • 10 High Quality LUTs
    Faeable Lightroom Presets

    Don’t be stuck with one look. These presets come in five variations from light to strong so that you can pick the perfect amount to add to your photo.

    Lightweight and Fast

    These presets have been optimized for performance. By minimizing the amount of settings, they much faster and it’s easier to edit. Best of all, any white balance and exposure fixes you made are preserved – the presets don’t touch those crucial settings.

    Fully Compatible with LR Toolkit

    These presets can be modified and used in conjunction with LR Toolkit. LR Toolkit is the best workflow system for Lightroom and it makes it easy for you to customize the presets. You can adjust the fade, create HDR looks, boost colors, and a lot more.

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