ADP Pro v3 & Luminosity Mask Unmasked

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    Luminosity Mask Workshop “Luminosity Masks Unmasked” & ADP Pro V3 for Photoshop CC2014 – CC2018

    Bundling the Luminosity Mask Workshop and ADP Pro v3 will not only save you 15%, but will accelerate your knowledge and have you using Luminosity Masks in your editing in no time. The video workshop has been created by Aaron Dowling, the developer of ADP Pro v3, multi- professional award winning landscape and travel photographer and photography tour operator in the Canadian Rockies. With almost 20 years of experience with Photoshop and running workshops & presentations, Aaron brings all of his knowledge of Photoshop and training experience to the video workshop.

    Whether you are new to Luminosity Masks or have been using them and have been frustrated, or you are an experienced user there will be something in this workshop for you. We cover the basics of masks and layers masks right through to the most advanced uses. Throughout the workshop we use ADP Pro v3, revealing many of the powerful features of this panel.

    Included with your purchase:
    Luminosity Masks Unmasked

    • 24 HD Videos with 8.5 hours of content to download or watch online
    • Raw files for full image edits
    ADP Pro v3, including the following panels:

    • Luminosity With Layers
    • Quick Mask Luminosity Masks
    • Heat Map Tonal Selections
    • Apply, Adjust, Replace (Image and Mask View)
    • Subtraction Masks
    • Channel Masks
    • Automated Blending & Undo Blending
    • Auto Adjustments
    • Dodge & Burn
    • Create Your Own
    • Colour FX
    • Mono FX
    • Sharpening
    31 HD How to Use Videos with 4.5 hours of content to download or watch online

    Access to our Facebook Group Support Community

    Shortly after your purchase you will receive an e-mail with the link to download:

    • ADP Pro v3
    • 31 How to Use ADP Pro v3 Videos (4.5 Hours)
    • 24 Luminosity Masks Unmasked Videos (8.5 Hours)
    • Raw files for full image edits in Luminosity Masks Unmasked
    • Installation Instructions
    • Facebook support community links

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