Brixton Film - Yesteryears

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    • 1984 -Bright highlights & faded deep shadows, giving a high contrast, but clipped look; pink toning with a multicolor wash
    • Aqua Chill -Cool, with slight red in highlights & aqua blue in shadows; lowered contrast & enhanced dynamic range, with enhanced deep shadows
    • Aspen –Strong dark fade, green tones, magenta shadows, grain
    • Bleached -Very washed out, faded, & desaturated, resulting a bleached effect; mimics an old photo that has been exposed to the environment for some time
    • Blue on Red Matte Film -Reduced vibrancy, no sharpening, slight vignette, blue color cast on highlights, red shadows.
    • Bohemian Summer -Colorful, playful, saturated, & warmed, with slight grain
    • Bright & Faded -Muting with targeted color enhancement, fading, medium grain
    • California -A retro look, with warm tones, cooler shadows, strong grain, slight fade
    • Cool Film -Strong fade, with a cool color cast & a hint of red shadows; softening, medium grain, mild color contortion
    • Deep Nights -Cool blue that results in an evening look with low contrast images & a strong, cold look to others; very cool with deep shadows
    • Hot & Cold -Yellow / blue cross-processing, colorful & warm with cold shadows
    • Instant Cool -Strong color cast, clipped shadows, high contrast; imitates the strong style of old instant films
    • Instant Warm -Similar to Instant Cool, with slightly changed colors & different tone curves, clipped shadows, warm color cast.
    • Light Film -Flat & airy, with pink hues, medium sharpening, low saturation; Stabilization of reds, oranges, yellows
    • Metallic -Strong & cool silver wash, desaturated, high contrast, sharpened
    • Metallic Blue -Strong blue silver tone, high contrast, dark shadows with a film lift, heavy clarity
    • Miami Nights -Green warmth, high contrast, flattening, dark mid-tones
    • Millennial Film -Today’s analog film, boosted color, contrast, clarity
    • Mod Film –Added contrast, faded shadows, deepened greens, desaturated overall tones, rough grain
    • Muted Cool Film -Diminished & desaturated colors, faded tone curve, medium grain
    • Polaroid Film -Reminiscent of classic Polaroid film
    • Precious Film -Heavily lifted shadows with deep greens tones, boosted saturation, heavy grain; classic film
    • Retro Film -Warm & faded with contrast & grain, lowered saturation, vibrancy; nostalgic & old-fashioned
    • Romance -Warm highlights, purple/red shadows, slightly faded,small grain; romantic & retro
    • Santa Fe -Warm highlights, cold shadows, faded blacks, medium grain, high dynamic range, reduced clarity
    • Soft & Violet -Violet cast over soft fading & pink reds
    • Soft Pastel Film -Pastel coloring, image softening (extreme noise reduction + sharpening), light shadows
    • Standard Film -A neutral film, with fade, slight softness, reduced saturation
    • Vintage Film -Reduced saturation, strong fade, color contortion
    • Vintage History –An old yellow faded look that is not completely black & white, but with lowered clarity, sharpness; stylized & powerful.
    • Warm & Cold Film -Low contrast, faded tone curve, warm highlights, cold shadows, and low sharpening
    • Warm Film -Warm color cast, low saturation, low contrast, slight fade, vignette
    • Worn & Torn -Vintage faded & grainy look, with minimal color that lacks vibrancy; creates the illusion that your photo was once bright and colorful

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