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    Isolate Objects In Photoshop.

    Complex textures can be a challenge for image editors – but they don’t need to be. Join Ben Willmore for a guide to working with furry, fuzzy, and hairy textures in Photoshop.

    You’ll learn how to isolate complex objects from their backgrounds and tackle hair, fur, and other difficult image textures. You’ll also explore ways to refine your work to get professional-quality, sophisticated images every time.

    • Color Range Selection on Smoke in Photoshop
    • Adding Drop Shadow to Selection Layer in Photoshop
    • Initial Selection in Photoshop
    • Refine Edges in Photoshop
    • Using Overlay View to make detailed edits in Photoshop
    • Brush size demo in Photoshop
    • Detailed Baby Hair Selection in Photoshop
    • Decontaminate Colors in Photoshop
    • Touching up the Mask in Photoshop
    • Adding solid color precisely to an image in Photoshop
    • How to fix Decontaminate Color issues in Photoshop
    • Adding a Frizzy hair girl to a Floral background in Photoshop

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