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    Create Dynamic Portraits When You Know The Fundamentals Of Lighting
    Understanding how and where light is found when taking a photograph is one of the most essential learnings when taking a portrait. It's easy to spend a lot of time working on complicated lighting set-ups when your best light is often right in front of you. Join well-known portrait photographer Peter Hurley as he simplifies the process by walking you through the fundamentals of lighting. He’ll explain natural light and how to work with what’s available. He’ll discuss how to work with continuous light and the best way to use strobes. Over the course of this class you’ll be able to photograph a portrait using:
    • Natural Lighting Continuous LIghting
    • Strobe Lighting
    • A mixture of variable lighting to create a dynamic portrait with a simple set up
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    • 1Class Introduction10:34
    • 2Natural Light Overview30:31
    • 3Live Shoot: Maximizing Window Light15:51
    • 4Live Shoot: Use Reflector to Enhance Natural Light22:12
    • 5Live Shoot: Back Light Your Subject19:59
    • 6Live Shoot: Back Lit Subject with V Flats19:26
    • 7Live Shoot: Utilize ProBoard with Natural Light23:27
    • 8Continuous Lighting Overview21:45
    • 9Peter Hurley Signature Lighting Overview07:11
    • 10Live Shoot: Continuous Square Light Set-Up for Women22:18
    • 11Live Shoot: Continuous Triangle Light Set-Up for Women20:39
    • 12Lighting for Men Overview11:57
    • 13Live Shoot: Continuous Three Light Set-Up for Men09:29
    • 14Live Shoot: Continuous Two Light Vertical Set-Up for Men24:21
    • 15Live Shoot: Working with Shadows for Men19:43
    • 16Live Shoot: Shadow, Kick & Fill for Men24:28
    • 17Live Shoot: Clear Glare in Glasses23:53
    • 18Live Shoot: Signature Set Up with Speed Lights for Women15:25
    • 19Live Shoot: Signature Set Up with Speed Lights for Men07:52
    • 20Live Shoot: Remove Big Pupils from Subjects15:32
    • 21Live Shoot: Through the Lens Metering Lock05:06
    • 22Live Shoot: Signature Set Up with Strobe11:40
    • 23Live Shoot: Perfect the White Background32:24
    • 24Peter's Journey with Strobes23:00
    • 25Dissecting the Face09:44
    • 26Live Shoot: Big, Bold & Beautiful Light32:17
    • 27Live Shoot: Large Umbrella Light Set Up21:04
    • 28Live Shoot: Feathering the Light15:20
    • 29Live Shoot: High Speed Sync Lighting Set Up09:51
    • 30Live Shoot: Interesting Light with Grids16:50
    • 31Live Shoot: Using Grids to Light Your Subject22:08
    • 32Live Shoot: Working in Hard & Soft Light17:0
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