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    Hi all, looking for this!

    Making Your Photography Stand Out
    Whether just starting out in the commercial photography industry, or ready for a new chapter in your career, John Keatley shows you how to survive in a competitive field. Known for being innovative, creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to his photography, John applies those same skills into running his business. In this in-depth course, John shares some of the key elements that allow you to be an artist and a business owner. You’ll learn:
    • How to find your style and attract the clients you want
    • How to create a bid
    • The importance of drafting a treatment
    • Estimates and billing for your work
    • Planning and scheduling your production
    • Tips on memorable branding
    • The difference between an Art Director/Agent/Art Buyer
    • Techniques for editing your portfolio
    If you’re at the start of your career or ready to expand your client list, this course will be the game changer you need to create a solid foundation for a thriving business.
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