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    Cody Buffinton Lightroom Presets



    Vibrant & Moody Travel Styles for Lightroom

    Created by the talented photographer, YouTuber, and explorer Cody Buffinton. These presets will help you add warm colors as well as some moody/foggy effects to your adventure, portrait, and lifestyle photos.

    Cody developed these presets while traveling the world and is excited to share these astonishing presets with you. His presets help add beautiful colors to your images without taking away from the original shot.

    Add vibrancy to your editing with these beautiful color presets from Cody Buffinton.

    • 9 Lightroom Presets
    • Warm/Cool Looks
    • Soft Tones
    • Clean Detail
    • Travel/Lifestyle
    • Free Help Files and Support
    This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

    1-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 2-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 3-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 4-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 5-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 6-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg 7-Cody-Buffington-Lightroom-Presets-FilterGrade-Marketplace-510x339@2x.jpg


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