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    Frievalt Flying Fabric - DAN FRIEVALT

    Easily create dramatic dresses or flowing fabric extensions using my Frievalt Fabric Overlays.

    For years I would photograph using long, flowing sections of fabric. My second home was the fabric and several Grandmothers. No offense to Grandmothers but if you've seen how I look, I was like a fish out of water at a fabric store, lol.

    I would purchase yards and yards of different fabric to create dresses or just have my subject hold the fabric to create a long flowy leading line into my images.

    Several years ago I purchased a huge Parachute and with a friend made a dress out of that. It was so cool. I used it for several years. The only drawback of the Parachute is that it is huge and tough to manage unless you have several people to help. I didn't always have that. Plus it is a Parachute after all, so it would catch the wind which could be dangerous at times!

    All of these struggles lead me to create these Frievalt Flying Fabric Photoshop Overlays. Now I can easily add fabric to any image...indoor, outdoor or composites. No longer did I need a team to struggle with a dress or have to purchase several different colors, lengths or textures to match the outfit or background. The possibilities are endless with my Fabric Overlays!

    I even was awarded Wisconsin Photographer of the Year and received a two Loans from the Professional Photographers of America with images I created using these Fabric Overlays.

    Included in my Frievalt Fabric Overlays are over 375 different fabric files for variety in lighting, angles, and textures. I have satin, textured, sheer, cloth and parachute material included to give you all kinds of options. Plus I show you how to quickly change the color of the fabric so you can easily match anything your subject is wearing.

    Also as a bonus, I don't just leave you hanging to figure all this out. I have step by step video tutorials that show you how to take the Fabric files and create epic images.


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