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    Group Buy Rules:
    • You have to include me or a mod in every Group Buy thread and request for approval after we see that other members are interested to join .
    • Group Buys will be posted in the Requests section.
    • The minimum price of a product for a GB is $200.
    • If the Group Buy is approved by a mod or myself, the thread will be prefixed with the GroupBuy prefix .
    • The OP must specify the number of people needed and the price to be paid by each member (no more than $50).
    • Every participant must reply to the thread and say that he is in and the complete sum must be transferred in max. 48 hours from the moment that he receives the payment details (or else he will be disqualified).
    • The sum will be transferred to me (or a mod) by PayPal.
    • The content will be exclusive to the GB members for one month. After that it will be available to Gold Members as well.
    • The participants will receive 1 TP for every 2 € spent, when the GB is completed.

    Note: GB Rules will be updated without notice. Please follow this thread regularly.
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