Hide all site content to non-users; hide good stuff to non-gold members

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Complaints' started by mrlulhahhah, Nov 12, 2020.

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    I'm not exactly sure about the logistics of this, but the site auto logs me out after some time. When I refresh the page, I still see everything. All of the content is visible to anyone who comes to the sites.

    I think we should hide everything, sort of like how those other torrent sites do where the forum itself is hidden to non-members, and since registrations are closed, what do we need nonmembers viewing the site for anyway?

    As for hiding all content to non-gold members, the reasoning behind this is that while some stuff can be downloaded without gold, I think that this is 100% participation from everyone to be a pay-to-play game, meaning ALL content should be gold.

    Just spitballing ideas, first idea is sound, second may need some tweaks.
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    All the content is visible(except links) to guests also.
    It will stay like this, it is good for SEO.
    Registration will be open from time to time.
    While most of the good content is Gold, there is also free content, and every member can choose if they post Gold or non-Gold links.