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    Joey shares his unique approach to lighting and Photoshop, and also provides a window into the business of the current photography industry that he broke into at the age of 16. Sessions With Joey L is more than just a tutorial DVD, it is a complete thought process. With educational material spanning nearly 4 hours in length, Joey provides insights into what it's like having gone from the bottom to the top of an exclusive trade, and explains both the technical and personal skills one must develop to arrive there. Detailing experiences ranging from a Forbes assignment in New York, to the jungles of Ethiopia, Sessions gives you the tools necessary to bring out and expose your own style to a wider audience and client base. Through Joey's diverse and extensive lectures and tutorials, Joey shows that circumstance is not a factor and that these skills can be learned by all.

    "The only way I can properly teach you is through my own knowledge. Every step in my career has brought me to the place I am now, but it wasn't always easy. I have been working to obtain the success I have now for years of making mistakes and trial and error. This DVD will help you overcome those obstacles and help you reach a new level in your photography, both in artistry and business." — JL


    Lighting Theory

    A photographer without a vision is simply a mathematician. Yet, a photographer who has a vision cannot release it without a knowledge of technicalities. Photography is technical as much as it is artistic, but both sides must be both fully understood to create memorable images.

    This section is like sitting down one on one with Joey and geek talking, dissecting some of his strategy when going into a photo shoot. You'll learn how to fully bring out your creative vision using lighting techniques, featuring both beginner and advanced setups. With real examples and in-depth explanations from a collection of Joey's commercial and personal work... From the Jonas Brothers to the Mursi tribe.


    Exclusive footage from Joey's photo shoots showing the production, the critical interaction between subject and photographer and techniques of getting the most valuable imagery out of your day. The videos give you a first hand intimate experience from start to finish of a pro photo shoot. Learn what goes into the real advertisements, magazines and CD artwork you see in stores.


    Learn how Joey got a strong foothold in the industry, and continues to earn a living as a freelance photographer. Joey speaks boldly about what to do, and what to avoid when starting in the industry.

    The formula for a successful portfolio based on years of reformatting and tweaking.


    Push and fine-tune your lighting to a new plateau with these new home-grown photoshop recipes.
    • Compositing
    • Using Color Curves
    • Swapping Skies
    • Experimenting with Blending Modes
    • Custom Black and White Conversion
    • Tonal Colorizing
    • Fixing Blown Highlights

    Sit down with Joey as he goes over some stories from Ethiopia of photographing in rugged conditions, and how to best prepare yourself for a trip of your own. The DVD features both a spoken lecture and travel footage. Go on the road with Joey and learn the key to success in travel portraiture. Whether in a foreign land or at home, it's always difficult to get subjects to trust you as a photographer.

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    The link is dead. Thank you
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    Link fixed.
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