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    Broaden your knowledge of studio and location lighting for Beauty Portraiture and Fashion Photography as Karl Taylor reveals some of his incredible lighting secrets. In this programme Karl shows you 9 incredible lighting set-ups and model shoots in an easy to understand format that will give your images that professional edge.
    • Beauty Studio Lighting
      Get the inside information on how to create those incredible beauty shots with
      step-by-step instruction on the precise lighting setups.
    • Soft Light on Location
      Easily create a large softbox or bank light effect on location and get that great studio effect outdoors.
    • Lighting Panels
      This lighting technique and home-made equipment is probably the best kept secret in the industry, find out exactly why!
    • Soft Dish Techniques
      Add sparkle to your beauty shots with this simple accessory but discover what you need with it to add that magic to the shot.
    • Fashion Lighting
      Hard light or soft light? What makes the best light for fashion shoots? Incredible location and studio lighting in minutes.
    • Mixed Lighting Sources for Drama
      How to create cinematic atmosphere in a model shot by combining several types of light and getting the balance right.
    • Fashion Lighting on Location
      Working on location adds a whole host of extra problems but also creates a wealth of creative opportunities. Watch as Karl demonstrates his lighting techniques on several location fashion shoots.
    • Beauty Dish and Backgrounds
      Enhance your image with the right balance of background lighting and see how it transforms your shot.
    Enjoy Learning!
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