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    Watch Coaching the Model and Making it Work

    Make your photo shoots more successful by being a better coach for your models. Join Frank Doorhof in his studio as he shares his tips and techniques for how to put your model at ease before the shoot, on how to give more effective directions to your model, on multiple ways to pose both male and female models, and so much more. Frank believes that light is the language of photography, and as a photographer you need to be control of your lighting, so Frank also takes some time to share his lighting setup as well as some of his secrets for adding depth and dimension to your photos with shadows. Knowing the importance of having a variety of interesting props, Frank also shares some tricks of the trade for how you can get or create great looking props without breaking the budget. watch trailer | watch course

    Lesson 1 : Introduction
    Lesson 2 : Putting the Model at Ease
    Lesson 3 : An Easier Way to Give Directions
    Lesson 4 : Posing Your Model
    Lesson 5 : The Lighting Setup
    Lesson 6 : Adding Styling
    Lesson 7 : Adding Dimensions
    Lesson 8 : Adding Motion
    Lesson 9 : Expression
    Lesson 10 : Telling a Story
    Lesson 11 : Focus on Hair
    Lesson 12 : Tips for Getting Good Props
    Lesson 13 : Posing a Model on a Chair: Part 1
    Lesson 14 : Posing a Model on a Chair: Part 2
    Lesson 15 : The Importance of Working with a Stylist
    Lesson 16 : Creating a Fun Image

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