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    About Course

    Although natural beauty exists, rarely does it exist in portrait photography without a little makeup. In Creating Digital Makeup Effects in Photoshop, digital artist Corey Barker takes an innovative approach by teaming up with professional hair and makeup artist, Shelley Giard to create real professional makeup looks directly in Photoshop. After watching Corey’s class, not only will you be able to build a realistic makeup effect on an unmade face, but you will also be able to correct common makeup mistakes and enhance an already-made-up face with a more glamorous look. Plus, you will even pick up a tip or two to use in real-life situations when a real makeup artist is not available or in the budget. It is like two classes in one! Includes downloadable brush and color palettes for you to use.

    Table of Contents
    • Lesson 1: Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Blemish Removal and Skin Smoothing
    • Lesson 3: Contouring And Highlighting
    • Lesson 4: Eye Shadow
    • Lesson 5: Eyeliner and Eye Fixes
    • Lesson 6: Eyebrow Fixes
    • Lesson 7: Eyelashes
    • Lesson 8: Lips
    • Lesson 9: Teeth
    • Lesson 10: Hair
    • Lesson 11: Glamour Effects 1 – Smokey Eye
    • Lesson 12: Glamour Effects 2 – Fantasy Eye
    • Lesson 13: Glamour Effects 3 – Hair Extensions
    • Lesson 14: Small Details
    • Lesson 15: Before and After
    • Lesson 16: Bonus Class – Full Photo Fix Part 1
    • Lesson 17: Bonus Class – Full Photo Fix Part 2

    Duration: 3 hours 14 minutes

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    Thanks.KelbyOne section is filling quite nice.
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