KSP Pack 3 ‘Nostalgia’ Bundle (ACR & Lightroom)

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    There is just something about film photography that gives us goosebumps. Maybe its the limited amount of exposures which force you to really plan and envision your shots before you take them. Maybe its the texture the grain gives the photograph that makes it more appealing. Whatever it is; the perfect cocktail of colors, brightness, and tones moved us enough to want to create this wonderful pack. A lot of work has gone into these two packs. Each offers incredible artistic presets made to emulate old familiar films. These can also be worked with to fit any typical workflow. With a little tweaking, you can create some lush, rich, lovely tones. We literally had too many presets for this pack that we had to split it into two Rolls. Each roll amazing, but together they’re incredible!!! We give you, KSP ‘Nostalgia’

    Roll 1

    Stuffed with an incredible 29 Color Presets and 9 Workflow Presets. Roll 1 strives to emulate some incredibly well-known film stocks. With incredible lush colors ‘Roll 1’ also works great to incorporate into your typical workflow presets.


    Roll 2

    Roll 2 is pure magic. Filled with even more fun film stocks. Roll 2 surprises you with its 29 varying artistic film presets which can be customized to fit any shooting style. This pack also includes 29 Color presets and 9 workflow presets. Let loose and have fun.



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