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    3 - Photoshop CS5 Fashion Retouching Projects - with Chris Orwig

    Demonstrates enhancing and correcting photographs for the fashion industry.Join professional photographer and instructor Chris Orwig in Photoshop CS5: Fashion Retouching Projects, as he demonstrates how to enhance and correct photographs for the fashion industry. This course covers retouching techniques such as color, contrast, and tone improvements, wrinkle reduction, skin smoothing, enhancing the eyes, lips, and hair, shape modification using Liquify, and background cleanup. Projects include a commercial fashion campaign and a natural beauty shoot, focusing on corrections that bring out the existing strengths of the photograph without marring the original intent. Exercise files are included with the course. Topics include: Changing clothing drape or shape Modifying the background Working with shadows and highlights Improving color Adding blur Cleaning up flyaway hairs High pass sharpening Adjusting eyes and eyebrows Reducing shadows around the eyes Making creative adjustments with color Removing wrinkles and smoothing skin texture Cropping

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