Lumenzia v8.5.1 Win/OSX (Feb 2020)

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    Note: v8.5.1 includes a quick fix for a bug in the Range/Zone pickers that was in v8.5.0. You may use your existing download link to get it (you'll always get the latest version). Or you can request a new download here.

    • New: Lumenzia now supports Artboards. This feature is intended support graphic and web designers who use artboards in their workflow. This includes improvements to numerous functions (“Mask”,“Color”, “Map”, “Combine”, “ ✓Sel”, “ ✓L”, “ ✓dust”, etc).
    • Updated: Automatic “Edge” detection is now based on the layer mask if the layer mask is active when you click “Edge”. This makes is quick and easy to target the edges of the current layer mask. For example, in my recent “Edge” demo, the points where I <ctrl/cmd>-clicked the layer mask to load it as a selection are no longer necessary. You now simply need to select the mask and click “Edge” to create a selection of the edges of the mask.
    • Updated: You may now customize the radius and expand/contract values in “Edge” when using automatic edge detection (this is when you click “Edge” and have no active selection). This gives you more flexibility to customize the output to your needs.
    • Updated: Edge lists values used in the history state, so that you can more easily experiment with different values.
    • Updated: “Synchronize Split Views” may now be used with multiple documents open. There are some limitations to this feature, which are noted in a pop up notice if you choose this option.
    • Updated: Double-click any saved selection in “Sel” to load as a selection immediately to save time.
    • Updated: Red visualization layers for “Map”, “✓Sel”, “✓L”, and “✓Dust” are hidden (rather than cleared) when creating new orange preview layers and then restored when the orange layers are applied or cleared. This makes it easy to create luminosity masks while viewing one of te red visualizations, such as to create luminosity selections while using “✓L” to assist with dodging and burning.
    • Updated: “✓Sel” leaves other red visualizations (such as “Map”, “✓L”, and “✓Dust”) in place, so that you may temporarily visualize a selection while working with those other visualizations.
    • Updated: Diff(+/-) now allows you to pick a sampled value. This allows you to select pixels based on how far they are from a reference value. You can also select based on how close they are via “Not”. If a single layer is selected, the default comparison is sampled value vs the merged image. If two valid layers are selected, the default comparison is those layers. <shift>-click “Diff(+/-)" to immediately execute the default.
    • Updated: Diff(+/-) layers can now use a solid fill layer as an input. This allows you to select pixels based on how far they are from an existing reference. You can also select based on how close they are via “Not”.
    • Updated: Diff(+/-) layers now offers a “Merged” option to compare a layer to the overall image. This is particularly helpful when working with adjustment layers or blended images.
    • Updated: Optimized color response for Diff(+/-) layers.
    • Updated: Diff(+/-) layers show with top layer on top when user has selected layers before clicking “Diff” to keep the order logically the same.
    • Updated: Speed optimization for Diff(+/-) layers when working with Smart Objects with filters.
    • Updated: <ctrl/cmd>-clicking “Mask” can now also create a stamped layer from red visualization layers, such as “Map”. Note that due to the way Photoshop previews layers, it may appear as if the final result is different if you are viewing at less than 100%.
    • Updated: Can now use LIVE-S mode while using visualizations such as “✓L”.
    • Updated: Can now use LIVE-M mode while using visualizations such as “✓L”.
    • Updated: Clicking “X” will deselect the active selection (if there are no temporary layers or BlendIf too clear). This offers an easy way to discard selections if you aren’t using the <ctrl/cmd>-D keyboard shortcut in PS.
    • Updated: You may now also use “Sel” to convert the red layers from “✓Sel" back to a selection. This just gives you more flexibility to work whichever way seems more intuitive to you.
    • Updated: Combine may be used to apply a layer mask to the active layer (if nothing else to do first). This allows you to quickly save space or quickly apply the masks when required.
    • Updated: When creating a new adjustment layer (curves, levels, etc), Contrast, or Dodge and the active layer is a group, the new layer is placed inside the group instead of above it. This makes the panel more consistent with how Photoshop treats new layers.
    • Updated: Speed optimizations for general use.
    • Updated: Paint forward via “Edge” is now more flexible so that you can make other changes while painting forward. This removes the requirement to do all painting forward immediately at once, so that you may do things like create a selection to guide the painting.
    • Updated: “Edge” now warns you if you try to automatically select edges from a completely black mask (as there are no edges to select).
    • Updated: BlendIf will now warn you if you attempt to use it on a group containing adjustment layers. Unfortunately (due to the way Photoshop works), using BlendIf in this case causes the adjustment layers to have no effect on pixels outside the group (treats it as if it were in “Normal” instead of “Pass Through” blend mode, which causes adjustment layers to have no effect on the underlying image).
    • Updated: BlendIf sliders may be used even if the layer has been renamed.
    • Updated: Enhanced optimization for images using the Rec2020 color space.
    • Updated: Shortened the channel names used by “Sel” to simplify names for users who also work directly in the channel panel in Photoshop.
    • Updated: “PreBlend” default output for new installations of Lumenzia is no longer a new document, as this makes saving back to Lightroom easier. This change only affects new installations or if you reset all preferences to default (you can of course always set the option as you prefer when working with PreBlend).
    • Updated: Significantly increased speed when toggling between legacy Sat and Vib previews.
    • Updated: The panel icon has been enhanced and is now shown in blue (shown when panel is collapsed to a small “L" icon).
    • Updated: Lumenzia now warns you when trying to combine a hidden selection with a luminosity preview. This helps avoid confusion and unwanted combination of old luminosity selection with new masks/selections. [Photoshop CC only].
    • Updated: If Photoshop’s panels folder is missing, the JSXBIN installer will now attempt to create it.
    • Updated: Cleaned up titles on some popup yes/no prompts.
    • Updated: Mask feather slider tooltip now describes the option to <alt/option>-click to adjust mask density instead.
    • Updated: Diff(+/-) mask quality improved under certain conditions.
    • Updated: Added a warning if trying to sharpen a group.
    • Updated: When using “Sharp” with Smart Object on an adjustment layer, the entire image is sharpened automatically (as converting an adjustment layer to a Smart Object produces a useless blank layer).
    • Updated: New warning message when trying to convert a group with only adjustment layers (no pixel layers) into Smart Object, as this produces a useless blank result.
    • Updated: “✓L” leaves selection active if holding <ctrl/cmd> to specify a boosted range of tones manually.
    • Updated: “Map” coloring in Lumenzia is hidden when the zone map is hidden.
    • Fixed: “✓L” does not use selections properly to create a visualization of a select range of luminosity.
    • Fixed: “Sel” does not update color when using the Quick Select tool.
    • Fixed: “Sel” fails to properly show image when there are no saved selections to preview.
    • Fixed: “Set” fails to update the preview when toggling “Show all channels”.
    • Fixed: An error message when using Vib/Sat in LIVE-S mode.
    • Fixed: An error message when using Vib/Sat in LIVE-S mode with a visible selection.
    • Fixed: Clicking “Not” would cause hidden marching ants to become visible.
    • Fixed: Slow slider performance with legacy Vib/Sat.
    • Fixed: When using “Edge” to refine an existing selection with hidden marching ants, they become visible.
    • Fixed: Some issues with dark luminosity previews in 32-bit mode.
    • Fixed: An extraneous error message when applying “Mask” to a single-layer document.
    • Fixed: “Combine” removed clipping on layer above the target.
    • Fixed: Diff(+/-) slider text shows wrong numeric value.
    • Fixed: Diff(+/-) value slider not available for “darker” preview.
    • Fixed: Interface size may reset on panel restart.
    • Fixed: Visible marching ants become hidden when selection is ignored.
    • Fixed: Bug using checkSel in 32-bits/channel.
    • Fixed: An error message about a hidden selection when using “Mask” to apply a selection to multiple layers.
    • Fixed: When using PreBlend to add layers to an existing stack, all layers are locked instead of just the new layers.
    • Fixed: <alt/option>-clicking “Map” fails to clear Zone Map of highlight/shadow areas.
    • Fixed: An error message with “Edge” when using the option to paint in the refined edge.
    • Fixed: An error message when working with images in Image P3 or ACES CG color profiles.
    • Fixed: Incorrect warning about hidden selection when applying a visible selection.
    • Fixed: False warning about hidden selections when using “Color”.
    • Fixed: Error message when “Dodge/Burn Orange Previews” is enabled in 32-bit mode. This is not a valid option in 32-bits and a more suitable warning will now be shown.
    • Fixed: “If” shows BlendIf:this type preview for BlendIf:under layer.
    • Fixed: Choosing to ignore active selection when creating dodge/burn curves creates white mask.
    • Fixed: Diff(+/-) compare layers discards selection/paths.
    • Fixed: Diff(+/-) caused visible marching ants to become hidden.
    • Fixed: “Map” causes visible path/selection to become hidden.
    • Fixed: “Not” does not handle paths properly.
    • Fixed: Color buttons do not handle paths properly.
    • Fixed: Marching ants become hidden if “Edge” fails.
    • Fixed: <shift>-clicking “Sharp” and then cancelling produced an unnecessary error message.
    • Fixed: Error message when using Sharp with High Pass and "minimize color fringe".
    • Fixed: High Pass sharpening with a Smart Object ignored request for edge/lights mask.
    • Fixed: Ignoring active selection when using “Dodge” results in white layer mask instead of disabled black mask.
    • Fixed: Error when using “Contrast” with a color + midtones luminosity preview.

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