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    About the author

    Ben Long is an award-winning photographer and senior editor at Macworld magazine. He lectures around the world.

    Ben Long is a San Francisco-based photographer, writer, and teacher. The author of over two dozen books on digital photography and digital video, he is also a senior contributing editor to Macworld magazine, and a senior editor at His photography clients have included 20th Century Fox, Blue Note Records, Global Business Network, the San Francisco Jazz Festival, the Pickle Family Circus, and Grammy-nominated jazz musicians Don Byron and Dafnis Prieto. He has taught and lectured on photography around the world, including workshops at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence and a class for imaging engineers at Apple, Inc. He occasionally dabbles in computer programming, and has written image editing utilities that are used by National Geographic, the British Museum, and the White House.


    The following courses are included in this collection:

    Ben Long - 5-Day Photo Challenge; Composition
    Ben Long - Creative DSLR Video Techniques
    Ben Long - Exploring Photography; Backlighting
    Ben Long - Exploring Photography; Exposure and Dynamic Range
    Ben Long - Exploring Photography; White Balance and Color Temperature
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Black and White (Missing Exercise Files)
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Composition
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Exposure
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Flash
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Lenses
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Macro and Close-Up
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Night and Low Light
    Ben Long - Foundations of Photography; Specialty Lenses
    Ben Long - From Screen to Paper; Improving Your Inkjet Printing Skills
    Ben Long - Inkjet Printing for Photographers
    Ben Long - Introduction to Photography
    Ben Long - Introduction to Photography; Lightroom and Photoshop
    Ben Long - Learn Photography; Shooting in Raw Mode
    Ben Long - Lens-Reversal Macro Photography
    Ben Long - Photography and the Law; Photographers' Rights and Releases
    Ben Long - Photography and the Law; Understanding Copyright
    Ben Long - Shooting on the Road, from Gear to Workflow
    Ben Long - Shooting with the Nikon D5100

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    I don't know how much they overlap but there is another huge list of videos from Ben Long floating around at

    360 image editing plugins-629060.mp4
    A brief history of photography-548268.mp4
    Adding EXIF viewer to your phone-607005.mp4
    Addressing the concept of luck in photography-629058.mp4
    Adjusting the color of shadows in an image-379263.mp4
    Analog workflow-781786.mp4
    Aspect ratio-733103.mp4
    Avoiding the intimidation factor in photography-494442.mp4
    Basic abstract photography-703028.mp4
    Batch exposure adjustments on raw files-148534.mp4
    Batch processing photos with the Adobe Image Processor-144018.mp4
    Building Smart Previews in Lightroom-703018.mp4
    Camera raw filter in Photoshop-617304.mp4
    Canon wireless flash with built in radio control-185979.mp4
    Cards speeds and newer formats in cameras-575120.mp4
    Carrying a point-and-shoot camera-378107.mp4
    Choosing a camera-135825.mp4
    Choosing a film camera-781785.mp4
    Choosing a lens-659710.mp4
    Cleaning the sensor with moisture-386407.mp4 for colorizing black and white images-703020.mp4
    Colorizing a black and white photo in Photoshop-166377.mp4
    Comparing the Fuji GFX and the Hasselblad X1D-738145.mp4
    Composing an image using what you have-430673.mp4
    Composing in the center-387673.mp4
    Compositing street photography images with Photoshop-139328.mp4
    Configuring dual cards-738144.mp4
    Contrast and phase detection in cameras-510784.mp4
    Converting a camera to infrared-510790.mp4
    Converting an image to B&W with Lightroom and Photoshop-430675.mp4
    Correcting a B&W image for print-451843.mp4
    Creating an unaligned HDR image-367202.mp4
    Creating tiny worlds - Post-processing techniques-145375.mp4
    Creating tiny worlds - Shooting technique-145374.mp4
    Critiquing images from a group photo event-437171.mp4
    Developing a photographic style-489006.mp4
    Discussing the book 'The Passionate Photographer' with Steve Simon-196370.mp4
    Discussing the business of stock photography-175537.mp4
    Discussion on how to shoot architecture-153831.mp4
    Diversifying to broaden your projects-670556.mp4
    Don't be predictable in your framing-411099.mp4
    Drone flight-703027.mp4
    Dry sensor cleaning-385665.mp4
    Dual slot-607004.mp4
    Easily produce giant prints-795856.jpeg
    Easily produce giant prints-795856.mp4
    Editing an Infrared image-548267.mp4
    Editing photo metadata with PhotosInfo Pro for iPad-137344.mp4
    Editing photos using a bigger screen-496803.mp4
    Essential Photoshop keyboard shortcuts-790711.mp4
    Evaluating camera-strap options-380272.mp4
    Evaluating different lenses with the same focal length-439028.mp4
    Expand your filter options with step-up and step-down rings-140374.mp4
    Exploring how to think about shooting a new environment-194073.mp4
    Exploring how to use Bokeh-368427.mp4
    Exploring image processing in Snapseed-499676.mp4
    Exploring lo-fi printing options-499682.mp4
    Exploring manual controls with iOS 8 and ProCamera-196998.mp4
    Exploring mirrorless cameras-143367.mp4
    Exploring monopod options-439030.mp4
    Exploring options with high-speed video-451841.mp4
    Exploring smart previews-607006.mp4
    Exploring the Litchi software app for drone photography-575115.mp4
    Exploring the software equivalent to graduated ND (neutral density) filters-409218.mp4
    Exposure isn't everything-776828.mp4
    Filling a media card to find images-670548.mp4
    Finding a macro insect project to shoot-534369.mp4
    Finding your place in the photo market-670551.mp4
    Flying and photo batteries-622966.mp4
    Focus lock on your camera-733104.mp4
    Four photographers do a light-as-subject exercise-151124.mp4
    Framing and safety-670557.mp4
    F-stops vs. t-stops - Understanding what this means-575118.mp4
    Getting access to photographic subjects-510786.mp4
    Getting commercial photography clients-738140.mp4
    Getting creative with image curation-426968.mp4
    Getting faster performance out of Lightroom-659712.mp4
    Getting inspired through the work of others-365259.mp4
    Getting the best images by increasing the amount you shoot-703019.mp4
    Getting your project out into the world-192450.mp4
    Give yourself a year-long assignment-141797.mp4
    Going with an ultra-light gear configuration-164014.mp4
    Handing out business cards as a photographer-485997.mp4
    Highlighting iOS 8 updates on the iPhone5S-196997.mp4
    How to look at a photograph-548270.mp4
    How to use glycerin as a photography tool-360627.mp4
    In-camera focus stacking-771447.mp4
    Introducing The Practicing Photographer-135824.mp4
    Introduction to Bob Sober macro bug photographer-534368.mp4
    IOS macro photography gear-510785.mp4
    IR Conversion Part 2-542473.mp4
    Jpeg iPad import process-160326.mp4
    Large sensors and dynamic range-738149.mp4
    Learning rhythm from magazines-781784.mp4
    Let your lens reshape you-138438.mp4
    Light painting with a drone at night-459102.mp4
    Limiting yourself to a fixed-focal-length lens-144566.mp4
    Lindsay Addario's book, It's What I Do-575116.mp4
    Listening to your camera to get good exposure-169482.mp4
    Long lens options-738146.mp4
    Looking at anti-shine options for a natural looking portrait-439029.mp4
    Looking at custom book options for showcasing photos-703023.mp4
    Looking at light as a subject-136241.mp4
    Looking at the Nikon KeyMission-642797.mp4
    Looking at tilt-shift options in post-483725.mp4
    Looking at video options on the Fuji X-T2-659713.mp4
    Macro insect photo editing workflow-548266.mp4
    Macro insect photography gear and setup-542475.mp4
    Making a 360 degree panorama on the iPhone-177918.mp4
    Making a transition from photo to video-509165.mp4
    Making images in color intentionally-703025.mp4
    Media card care-602518.mp4
    Media card challenge image review-670549.mp4
    Minimizing camera baggage-465386.mp4
    Moving images from catalogs-738147.mp4
    Nighttime drone photography using a cube light-548273.mp4
    Options for making a stand for VR cameras-629059.mp4
    Partial vignettes on photos-622968.mp4
    Photo assignment - shooting an egg-159473.mp4
    Photographing an iconic city or just a hometown-642796.mp4
    Photographing animals in wildlife refuges-171725.mp4
    Photographing water from a drone at night using a second drone-548275.mp4
    Photography education-738148.mp4
    Photography practice through mimicry-185123.mp4
    Photography with drones in an immersive view-575117.mp4
    Photoshop alternatives - Capture One Pro-771448.mp4
    Photoshop alternatives - Luminar Pro-781783.mp4
    Photoshop and Automator-173694.mp4
    Posing a photo subject-670555.mp4
    Posing and shooting pairs of people-187103.mp4
    Post-processing a handheld macro focus stack-510788.mp4
    Printer options-481926.mp4
    Processing an HDR time lapse-156536.mp4
    Processing older images in a newer RAW processor-703021.mp4
    Pulling stills from a time lapse-429969.mp4
    RAW converter options-703026.mp4
    Raw editing in Lightroom mobile-547108.mp4
    Reasons for shooting images alone-416468.mp4
    Recovering details and exposure settings-575121.mp4
    Remembering that your photographic vision matters-548274.mp4
    Respecting culture and subjects in photos-642795.mp4
    Review of drones that are meant for selfies-629061.mp4
    Reviewing the egg shot images-159474.mp4
    Reviewing the product shot images-160914.mp4
    Scanning images for preservation and restoration-642800.mp4
    Scanning Photos-158189.mp4
    Scanning polaroid negatives and processing in Photoshop-162584.mp4
    Seeing accurate white in images-670558.mp4
    Seizing an opportunity-150006.mp4
    Setting up a macro time lapse of a flower-373530.mp4
    Setting up an HDR time lapse-156312.mp4
    Shooting a handheld macro focus stack-510787.mp4
    Shooting a macro insect shot-548265.mp4
    Shooting a product shot in open shade-160913.mp4
    Shooting a product shot on black glass-451839.mp4
    Shooting a series of star shots for a stack-383935.mp4
    Shooting a silhouette-163343.mp4
    Shooting a slow-shutter zoom-and-spin shot for light effect-423560.mp4
    Shooting a successful self portrait with a phone-170285.mp4
    Shooting a three flash portrait-178893.mp4
    Shooting aerial photos from a helicopter-617303.mp4
    Shooting and processing a long exposure at night-424957.mp4
    Shooting in your own backyard-159738.mp4
    Shooting level-172548.mp4
    Shooting macro bug photos with a reversed lens-151733.mp4
    Shooting macro shots on an iPhone-146232.mp4
    Shooting raw on iOS and Android with other apps-607007.mp4
    Shooting stills from a drone-369050.mp4
    Shooting tethered to a laptop-189572.mp4
    Shooting tethered to a monitor-176624.mp4
    Shooting three images without leaving your chair-451840.mp4
    Shooting time-lapse panos with an egg timer-487926.mp4
    Shooting when the light is flat-174536.mp4
    Shooting wildlife-153148.mp4
    Shooting with a Petzval lens-548272.mp4
    Shooting with a shape in mind-188428.mp4
    Shooting with a wide-angle macro lens-493069.mp4
    Shooting with ND filter and flash to balance subject and background exposure-412922.mp4
    Shooting with two cameras simultaneously-703024.mp4
    Shooting without a memory card-141141.mp4
    Should you be shooting in 4K-642798.mp4
    Softboxes vs. umbrellas-191502.mp4
    State of the commercial photo industry-670553.mp4
    Stitching together stacks of stars-383936.mp4
    Storytelling through photographic images-499680.mp4
    Switching camera systems-659711.mp4
    Switching to Lightroom from another application-170868.mp4
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    Continue list from

    Taking a flattering portrait with flash-366274.mp4
    Taking a look at Google Photos-461821.mp4
    Taking a panning action shot -161977.mp4
    Taking a portrait that's tightly cropped or slightly obscured-374405.mp4
    Taking a quick portrait and directing a subject-363874.mp4
    Taking a safari through your own images-703022.mp4
    Taking the 'why not' kind of shot-439024.mp4
    Teleconverters and lenses-575119.mp4
    Telling a story with nine images-637595.mp4
    The 100th Practicing Photographer-382036.mp4
    The future of drone technology-465385.mp4
    The importance of a catch light-465389.mp4
    The relationship between saturation and brightness-499677.mp4
    The state of commercial photography-738150.mp4
    Thinking about shooting a metaphor image-439027.mp4
    Tips for shooting panoramas-376386.mp4
    Two perspectives on travel photography-157348.mp4
    Understanding exposure with a leaf shutter camera-184301.mp4
    Understanding how cameras handle ISO and low light-499681.mp4
    Understanding how to clean sensor dust-384737.mp4
    Understanding how to compose with an empty sky-197860.mp4
    Understanding how to use the Wi-Fi feature in some cameras-406748.mp4
    Understanding JPEG profiles in raw processing-497784.mp4
    Understanding lens profile correction-370987.mp4
    Understanding micro focus adjustment and Lens Align-361523.mp4
    Understanding options for tripod heads-421791.mp4
    Understanding Raids and when to use them-602517.mp4
    Understanding the differences with third party lenses-180098.mp4
    Understanding the job of a photojournalist-510789.mp4
    Understanding the labels on SD cards-372667.mp4
    Understanding the three flash setup-178892.mp4
    Understanding the wide-angle macro lens -490067.mp4
    Understanding when to go low contrast-414833.mp4
    Understanding why files look different on depending on device-180967.mp4
    Using 360 drones-670550.mp4
    Using a gimbal with an SLR-637593.mp4
    Using a lens hood-154800.mp4
    Using a MIDI Lightroom controller-439025.mp4
    Using a monitor to get a first person view of the aerial camera-369983.mp4
    Using a small reflector to add fill light-136569.mp4
    Using a table or other surface to support a tiny tripod-499679.mp4
    Using a tripod-147163.mp4
    Using Adobe Bridge for renaming-738141.mp4
    Using an iPhone to make a print in the darkroom-359531.mp4
    Using duct tape and zip ties in the field-167157.mp4
    Using good photography skills always-430674.mp4
    Using high speed flash sync to dim ambient light-182492.mp4
    Using images to find additional information-642801.mp4
    Using improv to improve your photography-622967.mp4
    Using light-pollution maps for planning night shoots-383429.mp4
    Using Lightroom on the road-168699.mp4
    Using metadata to sort and find images in a catalogue-642799.mp4
    Using the Astropad app-738142.mp4
    Using the Dehaze feature in Lightroom-465387.mp4
    Using the face detection built into the camera-575111.mp4
    Using the gimble as a camera stabilizer-575113.mp4
    Using your iPad as a cintique for photo editing-461822.mp4
    Using your iPad as a second monitor-183325.mp4
    Varnishing a photo for a painterly effect-152432.mp4
    VR gimbals-670552.mp4
    Waiting for a subject when the light is good-419862.mp4
    Warming up-161461.mp4
    What is a low-pass filter-575114.mp4
    What makes a good photograph-465388.mp4
    When the on camera flash is casting a shadow-167918.mp4
    Why equivalent lenses don't always meter the same-428385.mp4
    Why shoot film-774708.mp4
    Why Shoot Polaroid-149125.mp4
    Wildlife and staying present-147826.mp4
    Workflow with Lightroom for mobile-548269.mp4
    Working with a geotagging app on the iPhone-181731.mp4
    Working with a photo subject-670554.mp4
    Working with an electronic shutter control-388285.mp4
    Working with colored lens filters and converting to black and white-417306.mp4
    Working with dim sunlight-738143.mp4
    Working with flash for macro photography-165613.mp4
    Working with hair in post-362718.mp4
    Working with masks and calculations in Photoshop-164747.mp4
    Working with models-371726.mp4
    Working with raw files on the iPhone-575112.mp4
    Working with reflections -142534.mp4
    Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop-499678.mp4
    Working with themes-155501.mp4
    Working without a tripod-480514.mp4
    You probably already have a full frame camera-542474.mp4
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    Yup, I already posted it a while back.
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    @Kandee hi! Sorry, that was a long time ago. I don't have any backup, when my PC just exploded in front of my face. It was 1st tutorial, and that was along time ago. 2014 I guess. Ben Long together with Chris Orwig, & Deke McClelland are my best teachers as I could say. Let's wait for @SebaP reuploads. :)
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    Seba-----Link please?
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    Link :- Soon..Until i Find a New Host
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