Lynda - Justin Reznick - Landscape Photography Washington's Palouse Region

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    Landscape Photography: Washington's Palouse Region

    • CourseOverview
    • Explore the beautifully stark Palouse region of Washington State, with landscape photographer Justin Reznick. After reviewing the roadmap for Palouse, Justin moves on to shooting techniques focused on isolating parts of the landscape and compressing distance. He takes these photographs into Photoshop, where he discusses his post-processing workflow.

      Then Justin revisits the landscape, shooting panoramas and composites he'll stitch together in post. Next, he reviews the gear he uses, and then treks to Palouse Falls to photograph a waterfall, and explains the special exposure considerations for sunrise shots. In the last chapter, Justin reviews the final images from the trip and shares tips for aspiring landscape photographers.
    • Transcript

      (light guitar music) - Hi, I'm Justin Reznick, and welcome to The Palouse, an incredible region of rolling hills found in my home state of Washington. Now, this is all cropland around us, and the colors of those crops are spectacular in late Spring and early Summer. But we find ourselves here in mid-November, in well-below freezing temperatures. We're gonna challenge ourselves, think outside the box, and approach this landscape with different colors, different light, and a different season so it's a very exciting journey.

      We're gonna learn how to isolate subjects, compress elements together, use light, even during the middle of the day to make compelling images, and of course we're gonna shoot that late-afternoon sunset light, and get up the next morning and shoot sunrise. Throughout this entire process, I'm going to follow up and show you the tips and tricks in post-processing to make your images really sing. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey, I can't wait to show you The Palouse, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

    Justin Reznick

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