Lynda - Photoshop Layers: Working with Multiple Photos

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    Discover how to create new and exciting images with the power of layers. In this course, join Rich Harrington as he steps through how to use multiple photographs to create compelling imagery. Rich shows how to get increased depth of field with focus stacking; how to remove distractions by using multiple photos of the same scene; and how to see a moving subject traverse the frame using an action composite. He also covers how to shoot the night sky and create a star trail photo, and how to reassemble a large image using multiple scans. To wrap up the course, Rich shares how to create sweeping views with large panoramic photos.
    Topics include:
    • Working with the Layers panel
    • Understanding Smart Objects
    • Sharpening and grading images
    • Using multiple images to remove unwanted objects
    • Shooting techniques for action composites
    • Shooting for a black-and-white HDR
    • Scanning a large image in multiple pieces
    • Creating panoramic images

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