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    Be The Most Memorable Person In The Room.

    Learn how to inspire, influence, and engage people in this life-changing program with Vanessa Van Edwards.

    If you want to succeed in business, life, and love you need to master the science of interpersonal intelligence. Master Your People Skills will show you how to effectively communicate with partners, clients, and colleagues so you can flourish in all aspects of your life.

    In Master Your People Skills, Vanessa will teach you the communication methods and relationship-building strategies that will transform your interactions. You will learn how to increase your likability, deal with difficult people, be a master conversationalist, and quickly identify personality types.

    This is class has 30 lessons each 45-60 minutes that are comprehensive lessons, activities, and challenges to assess and improve your people skills.

    You’ll also develop techniques for overcoming awkward interactions, avoiding toxic people, and building rewarding relationships. Not only will Vanessa show you how to be proud of your in-person interactions, but you will also learn how to communicate more effectively online — via email, text, and social media.

    Here’s how Vanessa will help you increase your impact:

    • You will be able to command respect and supercharge your first impression.
    • You will know exactly how to win more deals and attract more clients.By the end of week three you will have learned the art of speed-reading people.
    • You will have mastered your presence to be more persuasive, likable and influential.
    Vanessa transformed lives in her previous CreativeLive class, The Power of Body Language. In Master Your People Skills, Vanessa will go beyond non-verbal communication, showing you how to boost your emotional and social intelligence
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