Photigy – Advertising Product Photography, Part 2 – Post-Production

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    This course, Advertising Product Photography Part 2 – Post-Production, takes on some of the images that were created in Advertising Product Photography Part 1 – Studio Work and now shows you how to prepare them for final display. As a professional product photographer, your work is not done yet. Even the best of shots in the studio will still need work done after the shooting is done.

    While the basics for processing each of the images have the same workflow, the exact steps for processing the image will differ based on the content of the image. You will begin by opening the image in Adobe Camera Raw – if you use Adobe Lightroom, the exact same processing can be done there before importing into Adobe Photoshop.

    From there the processing will guide you through the cleaning up of any spots caused from dust on the object or on the sensor of your camera, adjusting lines and shadows, removing or correcting any kind of distracting elements, fixing alignment, as well as other adjustments that result in improving the overall quality of your image.

    Unlike catalog images, advertising images generally require much more post production work since they are used to sell products and require much more finishing work. It is here that you will learn how to use the many tools that Adobe Photoshop has to offer such as the Clone Stamp tool, Healing Brush, adjustment layers, and more.

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