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Gold RGGEDU - Lifestyle, Editorial, & Swimwear Photography & Post-Production With Dixie Dixon

Discussion in 'PRO EDU (RGG EDU)' started by convectuoso, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Feb 15, 2018
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    This "Lifestyle Docutorial" explores the world of Swimwear, Lingerie, Editorial Fashion, and Commercial Photography with Dixie Dixon and Pratik Naik. Together, they take you through their entire workflow from pre-production to retouching, while teaching you valuable key principals that will propel your work to the next level.

    Join us for a behind-the-scene look as celebrated, Nikon Ambassador, Dixie Dixon goes on location to Brazil. During this time, you will be privy to a firsthand account of how a commercial photographer scouts locations, lights a model, selects a lens, collaborates with a team and creates lifestyle imagery for a client. Upon completion of this 22-hour tutorial, you will have a better understanding of how commercial shoots take place, the preparation needed, crew overview, lighting options, lens & camera selection, and everything in post-production.

    General Overview
    • English Closed Caption Subtitles Included For FREE
    • Actions From Pratik Included + Assignments
    • 22 Hours of HD Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
    • 90 Videos Included
    • Post Production in Capture One Pro 9 & Photoshop
    • Transfer This Content To Your Mobile Devices - iTunes Friendly
    • Videos Cover Pre-Production, Photo Shoots, & Retouching
    • Learn From Nikon Ambassador Dixie Dixon
    • Learn From Phase One Ambassador Pratik Naik
    • Learn To Create Mood & Lifestyle In Your Images
    • Learn Swimwear Photography Posing, Lighting, & Retouching
    • Learn Editorial Fashion Posing, Lighting, & Retouching
    • Learn Lingerie Posing, Lighting & Retouching
    • Learn Lifestyle Posing, Group Direction, & Retouching
    • Photography Basics 101 Videos Included - Beginner Friendly
    • Retouching Basics Included For Photoshop - Beginner Friendly
    • Step-by-Step Process In Photoshop From Leading Instructor
    • Train Your Eye With Culling Exercises
    • Learn The Essentials Of Pre-Production
    • Build Composition In Your Images
    • Learn New Lighting Modifiers
    • Learn Color Toning In Photoshop
    • Learn To Create Perfect Skin
    • Learn Compositing Techniques For The Perfect Image
    • Learn To Direct Groups
    • Learn To Mix Ambient & Strobes
    • Learn To Mix Ambient & Constant Ice Lights
    • RAW Files Included
    • Industry Interviews Included

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    Nice. Thank you !!