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    SLR Lounge The Best Lightroom Presets

    • Post Produce 4 to 10 Times Faster With This System
    • Refined for Over 9 Years of Preset Development
    • Achieve Versatile Effects to Fit Your Individual Style
    • From Vibrant & Crisp to Filmic & Vintage with everything in between
    • Utilize Brushes for Retouching & Special Effects Like Sunflares and Tilt Shift Effects
    • Requires Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up)
    • Total File Size: 586KB
    the most powerful presets for professionals
    Now on our 6th version, these presets have been refined and developed for over 9 years. The result is a complete, precise and versatile set of Lightroom Presets and Brushes that has become a must-have for any wedding or portrait photographer.

    increase your speed by 4 to 10 times!
    By achieving beautiful, professional results in under a few clicks, our community of professional photographers have reported increased post production speeds of 4 to 10 times!

    As a business owner, your time is your most valuable resource. Save hours EVERY shoot by using our powerful and intuitive presets.

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