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    DVD 1 Contents | Establishing the Foundation to Produce the Harvest You Want
    • Our Stories – Where Zach & Jody came from
    • Creating a Lasting Business – Setting yourself up for success
    • Creating Purpose – Having your life count for something
    • Having a Mission – Saying yes to less by gaining a focus for what you do
    • Standing Out – Differentiating yourself from everyone else
    • Niche Marketing – Growing your business faster by specializing
    • Branding Keys – Avoiding these mistakes and easy pitfalls
    • Website Goals & Strategies – Creating a unique website that sells you
    DVD 2 Contents | Organically Marketing Your Business So Others Sell You
    • Marketing Myths – What lies have we accepted that could be hurting our businesses?
    • Vendor Marketing – Turning Vendors into your own sales force
    • Photographer Marketing – Partnering with photographers and work together
    • Client Marketing – Giving your clients a great experience with you and your business
    • Qualifying Clients – Attracting and bring in your perfect clientele
    • Closing the Deal – Bringing every meeting and phone consultation to a close
    • Turning Clients into Walking, Talking, Billboards – Ideas on how to excite your clients and have them sell you
    • Creating Buzz Via Social Media – Keeping the momentum of your business and excitement going
    • Blogging Tips – Making the most of your blog
    DVD 3 Contents | Generating Profits that Bless You and Bless Others
    • Pricing | Packages vs. A la Carte – Finding the best way to sell for your business
    • Pricing Strategies – Sales tips to increase your bottom line
    • Business Finances – Wisely manage your growing income
    • Work Balance – Staying sane in the midst of the increasing workload
    • Life Balance – Having a life outside of your job
    • Dreaming Big Dreams – Growing your business by vision casting
    • Executing Goals – A plan to actually implement the steps to a thriving business

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    You sir are the MAN!!! Thanks....Keep them Z&J workshops coming :)
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