Mark Galer - Digital Photography in Available Light Essential Skills (3rd Edition) [PDF]

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    Digital Photography in Available Light is an inspirational guide as well as a structured learning tool for mastering the essential techniques. Learn how to choose the most appropriate digital camera for your workflow, manage your image files and process images using camera RAW. Try key capture techniques including exposure, framing the image and how to work with the available light in all situations. Explore different styles: panoramas, landscapes, environmental portraits and photo journalism. Understand ethics and law, how to plan a shoot and sell your work. Throughout you'll learn the importance of image design, communication of content and essential techniques for competent and consistent image capture and creation. Includes a full glossary of terms.

    * Everything you need to know to photograph in available light using a digital camera
    * Learn all the essential skills and try out the invaluable activities and assignments
    * Covers the whole workflow, including choosing a camera, asset management and camera RAW, shooting techniques, ethics and law and selling your work


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