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    Please read and follow the rules:
    1. English only.
    2. Do not be a leaker. Leaking of the digital goods outside this forum is not accepted and it shows a lack of respect for the work of the authors. Leakers will be banned.
    3. Do not create/use multiple accounts. If you want to change the username or have other issue with your account you can message me. Multiple accounts will be banned.
    4. Gold content will not be shared with non-gold members.
    5. Group Buyers must not share the content with non Group Buyers.
    6. Be nice and polite. Do not use bad language. Respect others and you will be respected.
    7. Be patient. If you wait for an upload, for a report to be solved, for an answer to your question or anything else, just be patient. If you do not get an answer in a few days, then you can ask for an update.
    8. Do not spam. Spamming is only good for one thing: deletion.
    9. No off-topic posting. Please only post information relevant to the topic of the thread.
    10. Do not hijack threads. For example if you have a Mac version software for a Win version software thread, you must create a new separate thread and not post as a reply in the Win thread.
    11. Each thread should be posted in the right category. If your topic does not fit in any category then please post it in the Lounge.
    12. Use the Hide or the Gold Buttons when posting links to digital goods. Use them only for the actual download link. All other information and informational links should be visible.
    13. Do not hotlink images. See the "Posting Guidelines" for more information.
    14. Respect the Posting Guidelines:
    15. Do not post incomplete, low quality or broken items. Video files quality must be at least 720p.
    16. A request is not considered to be filled unless a separate thread with that content is created. Do not just post a link to the files in the request thread. After you have created the new thread with the content you should post a link to your thread in the request thread.
    17. No torrents or links with limited download speed or wait time. Please use 1fichier,, workupload or other hosts that allow direct links to host your files. The OP must check and keep the links alive.
    18. If someone finds a dead/low quality/incomplete/broken files link, he should report it. The thread will be marked as [Dead] and the OP will be notified (direct notification with a mention of his name with @). Someone else can post a mirror right away. If the OP fixes the link after someone else posted a mirror he can request the mirror to be removed, but he must provide his own link (not to copy the mirror link). You can only add a mirror link to an existing thread that was marked as [Dead] due to a bad link. If the original link was posted as Gold, the mirror must be posted as Gold also. If the original link was non-gold, then the mirror can be posted as non-gold or as Gold(at the choice of the mirror poster). If no one else posts a mirror during a month since the initial report, the thread will be moved to Trash and the OP will lose ALL of the likes gained in that thread, but no TP.
    19. Do not generate fake likes. This includes any method, ranging from duplicate accounts to tricking other members to like your content.
    20. Do not give likes to non-useful content. If you think the content is useful/helpful, then you can like it. Do not like non-useful posts and conserve your limited daily likes. Read more about the limits in the FAQ thread in the Help section.
    21. Do not post duplicate content. Search before starting a new thread to make sure.
    22. Official bundles have higher priority than individual items.
    23. Respect the "do not post list":
    24. Password protected files are optional. If you password protect the files please only use the password "".
    25. Do not sell/trade any content. If you own some tutorials/digital goods from here or from somewhere else you must not try to sell/trade them with others.
    26. Do not sell/trade/share your account.
    27. Do not create links to other sites/threads in your posts/signature.
    28. Items posted must be a part of Photo-Video category. Items posted in Other Related Downloads must be related to Photo-Video category.
    29. The "Soon" prefix can be used for upcoming content and is meant to prevent duplicate purchases while the content is prepared. The period of time that the soon prefix can be used for is not limited but should be reasonable. The date when the content will be available must be specified.
    30. Requests not filled in more than one year are removed. But you can request the thread to be restored.
    31. Content that is prefixed with the GroupBuy or Soon prefix is reserved until posted. Even if you got the content from somewhere else you must not post it as it will be considered duplicate and it will be removed.

    Note: Rules will be updated without notice. Please follow this thread regularly.
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